Installing VTK 5 for Mayavi with Homebrew

I am trying to install Mayavi for Python on Mac OS X Mavericks using Homebrew and pip. I am stuck due to an obscure VTK related error: I installed VTK 5 with Homebrew using

brew reinstall --python --qt vtk5


and tried to install Mayavi with

pip install mayavi


but i just get en error output which ends with

ImportError: No module named vtkCommonCorePython


I was thinking about the problem with my PYTHONPATH variable, but I cannot find where vtkCommonCorePython is located. My PYTHONPATH



Is there a way to get around this issue, or install a working VTK binding in Python with Homebrew?


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brew reinstall --python --qt vtk5

Check brew info

exactly what formula options are available. For vtk5, the options you are looking for are --with-python --with-qt

. All unrecognized ones are ignored.



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