FBX SDK exports to older fbx file format

FBX SDK 2016.0 by default writes FBX files to a new format incompatible with the previous SDK version. There is a note in the note:

Updated file format to 7.5 (compatible with 2016+ products) which now uses 64-bit integers in binary block headers to allow large file support (> 2 GB). These new FBX files will NOT be imported into older products (2015 or less), so make sure you set the correct export format if you need to target these older products.

But I cannot find a way to "set the correct export format" in my code to export to the previous format.

Tried this in my export setting code with no luck:



What is the correct way to request a save in an older version?


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I'm probably running late, but I found a solution: There is a method FbxExporter::SetFileExportVersion()

that takes a string constant as an argument. The constants can be found in fbxio.h and look likeFBX_2014_00_COMPATIBLE



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