Twilio - TwiML with SNI support

When I use TwiML to send commands, the Twilio API (TwilioProxy / 1.1) makes requests to my Apache server over HTTPS without SNI support.

I need to block non-SNI ( SSLStrictSNIVHostCheck On

) clients on my server because I use multiple SSL certificates with multiple domains and they all use Twilio.

Can I use another API that supports SNI or a workaround that will work with SNI?


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I had a similar problem. Twilio worked fine with SNI (Universal Universal SSL CloudFlare) until the end of April 2015, but suddenly stopped working.

Twilio support says TwilioProxy doesn't support SNI yet. This surprises me since he worked with SNI until recently. They say support for SNI is lagging behind and they hope to support it in the future. "

A workaround might be to have CloudFlare Pro in front of your server for non-SNI, but this is currently $ 20 for the first site and $ 5 for additional sites.

Alternatively, other alternatives (eg Plivo) can support SNI. I'm investigating them; they are cheaper than Twilio but don't have TwiML .



To be clear, Twilio has been supporting SNI since August 2015, which came almost 3 months after David's initial answer. In the new Console setting - Account, you can find it here:



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