How do I install Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlParser?

My C # installer project came up with tons of warnings when I rebuilt it on a new machine. The warnings were that they were looking for version for the DLL where only version existed. I found out about this because of the installed version of SQL Server (SQL Server 2008 R2). Most of the DLLs were specifically linked to a version of the Access Control Objects package that is not version

So, I installed SqlSysClrTypes.msi (x86) which is required for shared management objects. Then I installed ShareManagementObjects.msi (x86). I got them from here .

Some errors have gone away, but now I get 2 that seem to reference the same DLL that should have been installed from SharedManagementObjects.msi. It must be available / installed with something as I have version


Unable to find dependency "MICROSOFT.SQLSERVER.MANAGEMENT.SQLPARSER" (Signature = '89845DCD8080CC91' Version = '11 .0.0.0 ') of assembly' Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo.dll '


Unable to find dependency 'MICROSOFT.SQLSERVER.MANAGEMENT.SQLPARSER' (Signature = '89845DCD8080CC91' Version = '11 .0.0.0 ') of assembly' Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SmoMetadataProvider.dll '

Everything I've read suggests that should be installed as part of SharedManagementObjects.msi. Is there something I can do to get this DLL? Is there something else I need to install, such as a native client?


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