How does Uber achieve this UI in WatchKit?

Uber screenshot

How does it overlay items (timer above the map)?
As far as I understand, you can only use background images in groups, other kinds of custom views ...

Any idea?


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My initial guess is they are using a dynamically generated map image as the background image in the group. The downside is that while it WKInterfaceMap

allows you to add custom annotations, you cannot draw custom shapes like a blue route line.

I could leave.



The way Uber (and most of the big companies' UIs) is that they just generate an image in iOS, which is sent back to WatchKit extensions and just rendered as an image.

If you want to build your user interface with the current SDK version, this is the only way to achieve exactly what you want. You will need some hacks to achieve interactivity, but you should be able to do it yourself :)



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