Unhandled exception in WWAHost in Cordova APP using Angular

I am currently developing a modern Windows app using Foundation for Apps and cordova. In many cases, the application crashes during navigation, sometimes even immediately after its launch.

Failure is

And I can't debug it in any way.

I've tried setting up window.onerror and WinJS.Application.onerror to catch all functions with no results. Apparently, the accident occurs at a lower level. I also looked at the event viewer, but no information is available.

What is happening seems to be similar to this question: How to debug an unhandled win32 exception in a WinJS Win8 store app , which is unfortunately not resolved.

What are my options here?


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I had the same problem with Visual Studio 2015, Windows 10 and cordova 5.1.1 when I migrate a project to another dev environment. This only happens in the build configuration of Windows-x64 applications for the local machine.

After successful creation, the application window starts up shortly and after that a win32 exception threw like a screenshot from sPoz. It was played every time.

I am trying to repair Visual Studio and also I checked the environment variable from my solution as described in this Microsoft article . But I was out of luck.

Nothing helped, but just open the config.xml file and change the target Windows version from "Windows 10" to "Windows 8.1", solving the problem and I could run the application without error:

enter image description here

After that I can go back to "Windows 10" and everything is fine. This could be reproduced on two dev machines.

I don't know for sure if the relocated project was the source of the problem, and perhaps the overwritten config.xml triggers any rebuild mechanism.



You are most likely facing an issue related to DOM Ex WWAHost.exe error on Windows 8.1 (obviously on Win10). There is a workaround that should work for most applications; before you click and get the WWAHost.exe exception, close the DOM Explorer window. This should allow you to debug by hitting breakpoints etc. If you need to use DOM Ex against a Windows target, you might need to debug from a remote device (see Kenneth's suggestion here: Why is this Windows 8 Cordova application throwing an unhandled win32 exception in wwahost.exe? )



What are you using to develop the application? Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova? Or Cordova with CLI? If you are using a plugin, you must run the generated WP project for debugging. Debugging WP applications is not currently supported by the plugin.



I was getting the same error while developing a Windows tablet application using Visual Studio Enterprise 2015. So far I have tried to close DOM Explorer and use breakpoints and javascript console. After that, when searching javascript intellisense problems with Visual Studio, I realized that my problem was fixed . What I did to get rid of this problem is that:

  • Open Tools> Options
  • Select text editor> Javascript> Intellisense> Links
  • Add the following links (angular.intellisense.js, domWeb.js, domWindows_8.1.js) .

I don't know what the correct link files are, but adding these three link files solved my problem.



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