Hide input Toolbar in JSQMessagesViewController

I am using JSQMessagesViewController for my chat application. When there is no internet activity, I would like to hide the inputToolbar

I tried this but it doesn't work:

    self.inputToolbar.frame.size = CGSize(width: 0,height: 0)


When I installed this, it was gone in less than a second:

    self.inputToolbar.preferredDefaultHeight = 0


Any ideas how to do this? Perhaps disabling the Input Toolbar might also be good enough.


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Instead of removing from the supervisor and adding it as a subview, why not just use:

[self.inputToolbar setHidden: YES];



I have found the best solution that has no side effects.
You can make actions in the class a descendant of the JSQMessagesViewController class.

1. Make this base class method available to you:

@interface JSQMessagesViewController ()
- (void)jsq_setCollectionViewInsetsTopValue:(CGFloat)top 


2. override the parent implementation method (called resizing):

- (void)jsq_updateCollectionViewInsets {
    CGFloat topInset = self.topLayoutGuide.length + self.topContentAdditionalInset;
    CGFloat bottomInset = 0.0;
    [self jsq_setCollectionViewInsetsTopValue:topInset bottomValue:bottomInset];


3. Make a note of how to hide the Input Toolbar permanently:

- (void)hideInputToolbar {
    self.inputToolbar.hidden = YES;
    [self jsq_updateCollectionViewInsets];


4. Enjoy!



It turned out that this would work:

override func viewDidLoad() {




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