Error plugin "Google Cloud Tools for Android Studio" was not loaded Android studio v 1.1.0

Hi I created a cordova app in iOS and it works great, now I want to create an app in android which I gave to the command in terminal

Cordova platform add android
Cordova build android


Now i downloaded android sdks device manager selected by api 19 and android studio v1.1.0

when i import the project it gives this error.

Plugin Error
Problems found loading plugins: Plugin "Google Cloud Tools For Android Studio" was not loaded: required plugin "Android Support" is disabled.


this link didn't solve my problem Android Studio updates resulted in errors


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Click " File " - " Settings " - " Plugins " to see " Android Support " is not installed.

In this step, do the following: first uncheck the " Google Cloud Tools for Android Studio " checkbox and then check the " Android Support " checkbox , click " Apply " and then click OK "

Android Studio will prompt you to restart, restart Android Studio, and then return to normal operation.



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