SharePoint 2013 application deployment error: "Another version of this application is already installed with the same version number"

I developed a very simple Host-Host application that I deployed to our SharePoint Online Developer website.

The testing was fine and I deployed it to the site several times before I unexpectedly got this error in Visual Studio 2012 after I pressed F5:

An error occurred during the "Install Application for SharePoint" deployment phase: Another version of this application is already installed with the same version number. To install this version, you need to remove the application from the site and the site recycle bin.

The thing is, I just uninstalled / uninstalled my app from the Developer site and from the Recycle Bin just before I got this error.

Not sure if this is relevant: but one of the changes I made to the program was to grant App Write permissions to the web area via the AppManifest.xml file.

I don't find anyone with this exact error in google search results, so I thought I'd be the first to post it here.

Any help / ideas? I am new to developing for SP13.

Thank you in advance


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First of all, welcome to the world of SharePoint dev. SharePoint can be quite painful to hold onto things, but the solution in your case is pretty easy - anytime you make changes to the AppManifest, increase the version number. This is done in the general AppManifest tab, or if you are editing the xml directly, then this should be the third element in the App tag.


Upgrading to should fix your problem right away, it is also a good habit to enter, as when you manually deploy the application (without hitting f5) you will be able to update the old version of the application instead of completely uninstalling it.



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