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My app is asking for posting and notification permissions. When the user launches the app for the first time, a location prompt is displayed and after a notification prompt appears.

Is there a better way to request this? Maybe a list like in Android or something better than mine now?


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Typically, you should ask for permissions or check for authorization when the application requires it, not when the user launches the application for the first time. For example, join permissions can be requested at startup, but access permissions should only be requested when data is required in your application.

As far as I know, there is no Android-like way to ask for permissions.

Edit: You might want to check out third party libraries like ISHPermissionKit and JLPermissions , which provide a more uniform approach to user permission requests, which is what you are looking for. But in the end, I still believe that asking for permission only when it is required is still a thing.



When your app uses a push notification, it will be the first to prompt the user to access the notification. The Access Pop-Up notification will prompt at the very beginning of App Launch.

You can request permission to access a location on demand using the CLLocationManagerWhenInUseAuthorization or AlwaysInUseAuthorization request.

If you need to access Camera Photo Library Access just add privacy usage to your info.plist and iOS will ask for permission upon request.



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