Constexpr char array with GCC and clang

Consider the following code:

#include <cstddef>
#include <iostream>
#include <stdexcept>

class const_string {
    template <std::size_t sz>
    constexpr const_string(const char (&str)[sz]): p_(str) {}
    constexpr char operator[](std::size_t i) const { return p_[i]; }
    const char* p_;

template <char c>
void Print() { std::cout << c << '\n'; }

int main() {
    constexpr char str[] = "Hello World";


It compiles with clang and GCC gives the following error message:

in constexpr expansion of 'const_string((* & str)).const_string::operator[](0ul)' error: '(const char*)(& str)' is not a constant expression

However, if I change Print<const_string(str)[0]>();

to Print<const_string("Hello World")[0]>();

. Both clang and GCC compile.

What's going on here? Which compiler is correct according to the standard?


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1 answer

This is aa bug and appears to compile on gcc 5 as shown.



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