Logical operations in OpenCV with Java

In the OpenCV C ++ API, it is possible to perform elementary logical operations (and, or, xor, not) using syntax like this:

Mat a, b;
Mat c = a & b;


and similarly to others. I know there is no operator overloading in Java; I'm looking for how the Java API provides the same functionality that was exposed in C ++ in this form. I've already found functions Core.bitwise_*

, but they are on a bit, not a matrix element.


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This is operator overloading. Operator overloading is not supported in java. But if you need something like this, you can introduce a method to do it.

For example -

Mat a, b;
Mat c;
c = Mat.doOperation(a, b);  


Where doOperation () is a static method in Mat


public static doOperation(Mat a, Mat b){
   //do whatever you want




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