How do I store my numbers in an array?

In my code, I am trying to generate 5 numbers. If any of the numbers are 4, I want to store that 4 into an array. I am currently in trouble and my code will not store 4 in an array.

static void Main()
        Random rand = new Random();
        int total = 0, randInt;

        Console.WriteLine("The computer is now rolling their dice...");
        int[] fours = new int[total];

        for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
            randInt = rand.Next(10);
            Console.WriteLine("The computer rolls a {0:F0}", randInt);
            if (randInt == 4)
                total +=fours[i]; //Here I am trying to store the 4 into the array of 'fours'.



        Console.WriteLine(total); //This currently prints to 0, regardless of any 4 the random number generator has generated. I want this to print out how many 4 I have rolled.



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total +=fours[i]


Will try to increment total

with the int

one found in the index of i

your array (which will currently be 0 as int defaults to 0).


fours[i] = 4;


How do I assign 4 to the i-th index in your array.

Learn about how the assignment operator works in C #

The = operator is called the simple assignment operator. It assigns the value of the right-hand operand to the variable, property, or indexer element specified by the left-hand operand.



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