Mercurial.hgignore negative lookbehind regex

I am trying to ignore everything except the "test.ext" file in the "data" directory and all of its subdirectories. however, when I put hgignore:

syntax: regexp


He only ignores



And does not ignore:




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If no new subdirectories appear, then you are much better off just ignoring data

then the hg add

files test.ext

you want to track. Adding a file overrides ignore by 100%, and running find data -name test.ext | xargs hg add

once in a blue moon is better than a tortured regex.



From hg docs : "There is no easy way to ignore everything but a set of files. Attempting to use an inverted regex match will fail when combined with other patterns. This is an intentional limitation, as all alternative formats are considered too likely to confuse users and is worth the extra flexibility."



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