An empty array declared by Swift is treated as NSArray unless I give a type annotation

While I am playing with Swift Array I am facing a problem.
Below is my experiment:

var iArray = [] //Here if I see the type details in quick help it is of NSArray type.

var myArray = [Int]() //Here if I see the type details in quick help it is of Swift Array<Int> type.


Now if I check like below

if iArray is NSArray { //it gives error saying it is always true, which is correct.
if iArray is Array<String> { //Here it is true and printing the message and same is also true if i check for Array<Int>
   println("More Confused")


According to the Swift documentation, Array is equivalent NSArray

. Should I understand that the quick help is giving the wrong information? More explanation would be great at this stage.


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var iArray = []


creates empty NSArray

. (This array is pretty useless because it NSArray

is immutable, so you cannot add any elements to it.)

if iArray is Array<String> { ... }


checks if each element is in the array (or can be bound to) a String

. The array has no elements, so the check ends - "empty truth" . If you change the code to var iArray : NSArray = [ 1 ]

, then this check will fail.

The force press will be successful:

for s in iArray as! Array<String> {


and this is not a problem, because the body of the loop is never executed.



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