FFMPEG - what is the meaning of gt (scene \, 0.3)

I use this command to detect shots boundaries in FFMPEG.

ffprobe -show_frames -of compact=p=0 -f lavfi "movie=test.mp4,select=gt(scene\,0.3)"


By changing the value to 0.3, I can get different results. As far as I know, this value of 0.3 should be the difference between consecutive frames. But I don't understand what the difference is. Is this related to the dominant color? Can someone clarify a bit?


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The filter command select=gt(scene,0.3)

selects frames whose scene detection score is greater than 0.3



: frame selection filter


: greater than (>)


: evaluation of scene change detection, values ​​in [0-1]

The method used is called the Sum of Absolute Differences . The relevant code can be found in libavfilter / f_select.c and libavutil / pixelutils.c



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