Lua error: "Gnuplot terminal is not installed"

In LuaJIT or Torch REPL, I run commands    require 'gnuplot' gnuplot.figure()

and I get the error "Gnuplot terminal is not installed".

I tried using gnuplot.setterm () with some guesses like "x11" and "qt" as arguments, but I get the error "gnuplot doesn't seem to have this term". Is there anywhere I can get a list of terminal emulators / graphical backends available for gnuplot? Or, alternatively, do these errors indicate some other problem?


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It turns out that you get this error if you don't have the Gnuplot executable installed .

I haven't tested this issue before because gnuplot.lua (v. 5.1) checks for an error if a case of this executable is not available - at line 145 - but for some reason it was unable to catch the issue.



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