Check if all elements within Ruby submatrix are identical

Trying to check if all elements in sub-arrays are the same. For example, I have a 5x5 board and I want to know if one of the arrays contains everything x's


board =     [[47, 44, 71, 8, 88],
        ['x', 'x', 'x', 'x', 'x'],
      # [83, 85, 97, 'x', 57],
        [83, 85, 97, 89, 57],
        [25, 31, 96, 68, 51],
        [75, 70, 54, 80, 83]]


I currently have:

def check_x
  board.each do |x|
   return true if x.include?('x')
   return false


But that will just check if one is integers x

and not all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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A little more idiomatic: { |row| row.all? { |item| item == 'x' } }



Easier than it { |row| row.uniq.count == 1 }

will do #=> [false, true, false, false, false]


returns unique elements in an array. map

here is iterating over your array and passing one line at a time to the block. It will return true

for cases where all elements of the array are the same ( ['x', 'x', 'x', 'x', 'x'].uniq #=> ['x']

which length is 1)

If you just want to check if the any string on the board has all the duplicate elements, Ruby only has a function. Guess what? any?

... Just change above one liner any?


board.any? { |row| row.uniq.count == 1 } #=> true

If you want to know which rows have / have all duplicates and which are duplicates: { |row, index| row.uniq.count == 1 }
#=> [[["x", "x", "x", "x", "x"], 1]], where 1 is index.


Pure awesomeness of Ruby.



if all elements are the same in the array, which means that the maximum and minimum values ​​are equal. for your board you can find the index of the required submatrix with this one line

board.each {|b| puts board.index(b) if b.max == b.min}


or just replace x.include?("x")

with x.min == x.max

in your function for true / false result



Assuming all items board

(board rows) are the same size, which seems like a reasonable assumption, you can do it like this:

x_row = ['x']*board.first.size
  #=> ["x", "x", "x", "x", "x"] 
board.any? { |row| row == x_row }
  #=> true




Assuming it is always a fixed length array, your method could simply be:

def full_row
  board.each do |row| 
    return true if (row.uniq.count == 1) && (row[0] == 'x')

  return false


It can be boiled down to fewer lines, but I hate line wrapping in vim: p



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