Play Youtube DASH audio

I recently posted a similar question, but now my basic terms have changed completely.

Here's what I am doing: 1. I have a website that will be used in a Cordova application later 2. The website receives an audio stream from a specific YouTube video (via the php youtube-dl implementation):

extension: m4a
resolution: audio only
note: DASH audio
URL(will expire quick):


  1. Now I want to play audio, here I have two options:

a) using HTML5 tags. However, the tag needs to be loaded in Chrome and Safari for a very long time before it runs. [I tested the same url in VLC Player where it starts right away so it is not triggered by low latency] [Actually this is because the large buffer loads the sound tag before launching as it loads about 5 MB before it was launched]

b) I am using a native iOS audio instance - unfortunately avaudioplayer does not support DASH-Audio

Does anyone know a way to deliver a fast audio response for my application? As native iOS code, or (better) as HTML5 solution. Because the need to wait a couple of seconds for the audio to start is very bad user interface.

Also, there is no file extension in the audio code. However, what would it really be?

I am very grateful for your help!


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