Grails 3 'grails' vs. 'gradlew' issues

I am experimenting with Grails 3 which is completely based on Gradle. To create an application, I run:

grails create-app myapp


Then, to integrate it with Eclipse, I run:

gradlew eclipse


Then, to create a new controller, I run:

grails create-controller


Then, to run any custom Gradle task, I run:

gradlew mytask


I think I am confused which tasks I am running through grails

and which ones I am running through gradlew

. No documentation exists on this subject - any ideas?


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Grails app doesn't exist until you run

grails create-app MyApp


After that, gradle is available through the wrapper. Just cd into the MyApp directory and ask the generated gradle wrapper what it can do:

./gradlew tasks


Wow! That's a lot ...

More details:

But ... In the beginning, all grails commands were supposed to be accessible through the gradle shell, but the development team discovered some tricky things at the end of 3.0 development and had to postpone this idea ... So from 3.0.9, all tasks with a code generator are all are still done with the simple, familiar grails command. We need a madman. Just use:

grails create-domain crazy.Person


But if you want to run your crazy. Sample unit tests, you are using:

./gradlew test --tests *Person*


Or check everything:

./gradlew test


Clean like dirt? spoiler Changes in Grails 3.1 may make interactions less schizophrenic.



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