Google App engine - Search API 10 GB per index

The application engine version 1.0.0 states:

"The size limit in the Search API is now calculated and executed based on the index, rather than the application as a whole. The limit per index is now 10 GB. The indexes or total amount of Search API storage that the application can use."

The search API is now in an experimental state, but I would like to know if the 10 GB per index limit will be removed if the search API is out of experimental (or at least replaced with a much larger one).


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As stated in the Search API quotas , the current quota is still 10 GB per index. At the time of this writing, there are no public plans to increase this quota.

If this increase in quota would be desirable, feel free to record a new feature request in App Engine bug tracker detailing a detailed business case. You might also consider supporting this existing and related issue: Issue 10667: Searching multiple indexes of the search API .



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