Changing BigInteger after division Java

I searched a lot here and can't find why this line is wrong:

ArrayList <BigInteger> data = new ArrayList();
int [] primes = new int[25];    
// Some initializing
data.get(i) = data.get(i).divide( BigInteger.valueOf( primes[place] ) ); //<----
// Rest of the code


Required: variable; Found: value .. What am I doing wrong?


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You must first correct your Raw Type (and I would prefer List

), for example

List<BigInteger> data = new ArrayList<>();


then you need to use set

because you cannot assign the return value get


data.set(i, data.get(i).divide(BigInteger.valueOf(primes[place])));


Also, it's worth noting that BigInteger

(immutable arbitrary precision integers for each Javadoc).




works only for assigning variables, fields and array elements.

You probably want to call set


data.set(i, data.get(i).divide(...etc...));




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