How to automatically format code in Emacs just like in Netbeans IDE

I'm new to Emacs and I would like to know if it can automatically format code for different languages ​​(Java, C ++, HTML, LaTeX), just like the autoformat option in NetBeans IDE.

I would also like to know

  • Is this function built in
  • Is it possible to load the el file using this option.
  • How to set up auto-formatting options (tab length, lines between functions, curly braces on a new line or on a single line, etc.) like in NetBeans.

(Versions: Emacs-24 on Ubuntu-12.04 / OS-X-10.9)


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You will find it yourself if you named it indent

. Indeed, there are many interactive features starting with indent

. We easily find them with M-x indent TAB

. But we can also find documentation with C-h ?

, so if we try to search C-h d RET indent RET

for a search in the documentation for functions or with M-x apropos RET foo RET

, we will find them as well.

Embedded and working with different languages ​​(only with elisp, python and javascript):

  • M-x indent-region

    formats the selected area,
  • indent-sexp

    formats the current expression

The global option to set the indentation is not required, we need to dive in each mode. There are often options like (setq html-tab-width 4)


edit: some tips: (setq tab-width 8)

, (setq c-set-style "K&R")

, (setq c-basic-offset 8)

and using emacs, built-in c-mode or GNU Indent, you can switch styles: a-Style or



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