Git rebase resulted in a mess - how do I fix this?

I messed up a git repository by trying to simplify ("linearize") it with interactive rebase / squash, but accidentally presented a merge path.

It currently looks like this:

*  AAAAAAA (origin/master, master)
| * BBBBBBB ....
* | CCCCCCC (HEAD) .....
* DDDDDDD .....
* EEEEEEE .....



What I would now like to get is the structure below (there is nothing important about AAAAAAA and BBBBBBB, they are garbage as a result of my branch and reinstallation attempt):

* CCCCCCC (HEAD, origin/master, master)  
* DDDDDDD .....
* EEEEEEE .....


BTW, I am the only one using the remote repo, so there is no problem changing its structure (I am aware of the problems that might arise otherwise, but this is not the problem of my post).

thanks for the help


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Using git rebase -i

, you can still achieve this with a combination of pick and stash.

You can try to crush AAAAAAA and BBBBBBB and choose CCCCCC, DDDDDD and EEEEEE.

The trash will be placed in the CCCCCC.



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