How to write a list to a file in python

I have a program that encrypts the content of a file in cipher text. I want the program to write the cipher text that is in the list to a file.

Part of my code, I need help:

for char in encryptFile:
    cipherTextList = []
    if char == (" "):
        print(" ",end=" ")
        cipherText = (ord(char)) + offsetFactor
    if cipherText > 126:
        cipherText = cipherText - 94
        cipherText = (chr(cipherText))
        for cipherText in cipherTextList:
                print (cipherText,end=" ")
    with open ("newCipherFile.txt","w") as cFile:


The whole program runs smoothly, but the file called "newCipherFile.txt" has only one character.

I think it has to do with the location of the empty list "cipherTextList = []", however I tried to move this list from the for loop to the function, but when I print it, the part that prints the cipher text is in an infinite loop and prints the normal text again and again.

Any help would be great.


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You save the overwrite by opening the file with w

so that you only ever see the most recent values, use a

to append:

 with open("newCipherFile.txt","a") as cFile:


Or a better idea to open it outside of the loop once:

with open("newCipherFile.txt","w") as cFile:
    for char in encryptFile:
        cipherTextList = []




Use ("newCipherFile.txt","a")

instead ("newCipherFile.txt","w")

. a

for append and w

for rewriting.



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