Extracting number in java string

I have a pretty simple question: I have line 0-1000 let's say str = "0-1000"

I am successfully fetching 0 and 1000 with str.split("-")

I am now tasked with checking the number because I noticed that these two numbers can be negative.

If I continue str.split("-")

, I will also miss the negative sign.

Can anyone suggest me methods?


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Since it String.split()

uses regular expressions for separation, you can do something like this:

String[] nos = "-1000--1".split("(?<=\\d)-";


This means that you are separating the minus characters that follow the digit, i.e. must be the operator.

Note that you need to use a positive look-behind (?<=\d)

as you only want to match the minus character. String.split()

removes all matching delimiters and thus something like \d-

removes digits as well.

To parse the numbers you then iterate over the elements of the array and call Integer.valueOf(element)

or Integer.parseInt(element)


Note that this assumes the input string is valid. Depending on what you want to achieve, you first need to check the input to match, eg. using -?\d--?\d

to check if a string is in a format x-y

where x

and y

can be positive or negative integers.



You can use regex like this: Works for all cases

public static void main(String[] args) {
    String s = "-500--578";
    String[] arr = s.split("(?<=\\d)-"); // split on "-" only if it is preceeded by a digit
    for (String str : arr)


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