How do I cancel the Android publishing process?

I am trying to add a beta testing app for the first time. I made a mistake and instead of adding it to the beta tab, I did it on one of them.

I am trying to cancel the post process, but I am unable to do so.

I went into advanced mode and clicked deactivate, but I get the following error:

This configuration cannot be published for the following reasons:

You must have at least one active APK.

I don't want to publish the app. This other question Cannot disable APK accidentally uploaded to Prod indicates there is no way to reverse this error. How is this possible ?????


It seems I can unpublish this app. Is it possible to post it later using the same package ID and just change the version?


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No, you can unpublish, but once your app is live on the market, you cannot uninstall it. Only the old version can be removed.



You cannot unpublish, at least I think if you download a beta apk with a higher version name it replaces the active app. The error I am thinking is because the app has not been published yet, it takes about 2 hours to publish.



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