How does angular work with node in an Ionic app?

I'm trying to make an ionic app with angular at the front end and node.js at the back end.

I get the front end and I did it in angularjs. But I'm not sure how to work with node.js as a back end.

For example, I need to make a GET request to a web api with nodejs and use angular to show it in my view. How to make a request with node.js and send it to angular controller.

I've searched the web, but I haven't seen a single example or tutorial that shows how angular and node work.

Any site, tutorial or code snippet for that would be very helpful


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NodeJS will act like any server, so you will need to have some kind of endpoint that returns some data that you have to view in your browser using a URL. This is the url you would use in a get request from angularjs. See this tutorial on how to implement nodejs as your web server



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