Can't rename remote branch

I want to rename a remote branch from research_mvp to research

I first renamed the local branch

[research_mvp]> git branch -m research_mvp research


Second, I delete the remote branch

[research]> git push origin :research_mvp


Third, I push a new branch

[research]> git push --set-upstream origin research


This makes a new remote branch with the old remote branch name.

* [new branch]      research -> research_mvp


Why is it using the name of the old branch instead of the name of the new branch I pushed?


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Since you renamed the branch, you keep the link to the remote branch to push. When you did git push --set-upstream origin reference

, it didn't change the remote in the file .git/config

. Part of the problem is probably that git still thinks it origin/research_mvp

still exists.

You may be able to fix it by running git fetch --prune

. git will update to understand that it origin/research_mvp

no longer exists. It does not delete this relationship when deleting a remote branch. Then the launch git push --set-upstream origin reference

should work correctly.

Another option is to create a new branch and make a new click.

git checkout research
git branch -m research research_temp
git checkout research_temp
git checkout -b research
git branch -d research_temp
git push -u origin research




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