Laravel 5 Invalid custom request - do not redirect

I have a custom Request

Laravel 5 class that handles form inputs (POST). The thing is, I want to use the same request class for the GET method, but instead of redirecting the user back to the original request url (which causes an infinite loop), I want to throw an exception (if the request is invalid) like this possibly?


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In your custom class, Request

you can override the failedValidation method that is defined in the class FormRequest


those. put this method in a class Request


protected function failedValidation(\Illuminate\Validation\Validator $validator) {
    throw new \Exception('Error processing request');


Overriding the response () method can also be used to return a preferred response, I personally used it to return errors in JSON form, all it had to do was return a JsonResponse with errors and a response code

public function response(array $errors)
    return new JsonResponse($errors, 422);




You can add something like this to your request method:

if (Request::isMethod('get'))
    //Here you can add your custom exception.


You can see the documentation for more information on this:



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