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I am trying to create hadron-cli addon and I want this addon to include a custom command. This is the part I already did by creating the file structure lib/commands

and including the script that will run the command and then use it includedCommands

in the addon index.js


The part I'm struggling with is that I want the command to be able to read the config file in the host applications directory. How can i do this? If I could find out the absolute path to the host applications, I would assume that I can parse the file using the built-in node tools, but how do I find that path?

If there are better ways to accomplish this task, I am all ears.


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In your commands run

you can access this.project

which contains information about the project.

What you want to use is this.project.root

.. this is the root directory of the project.



I managed to solve the problem. I don't know if this is the best. This way I can get the absolute path of the process in node only with process.cwd()

Then I can just add the config file name to the end of the line to get the absolute path to the config file.

If there are any special ways that I have to do, please let me know.



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