QTableView: changing precision for double values

If a double is returned as an EditRole by the model, then (presumably) the QDoubleSpinBox is used by the QTableView as the editor. How can I change the precision in this control?


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I haven't been able to find a good way to get to these spin boxes. The default delegate for QTableView

is QStyledItemDelegate . When you create an item in, Qt::EditRole

it uses items created by the standard QItemEditorFactory class , which you can access using QItemEditorFactory::defaultFactory()

. Then you could register your own editor, but I don't see a good way to edit the ones that already exist.

Instead, you should most likely implement your own delegate with some precision. There is an example to make a delegate using QSpinBox

which you replace with QDoubleSpinBox

. Then in createEditor

you then use setDecimals

to set the spin box to the precision you want. Then you apply this delegate to your table using setItemDelegate




According to the documentation, the accuracy QDoubleSpinBox

can be changed by calling decimals




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