Stoi raises out of range error

I have this code which is giving me error terminating with uncaught exception of type std::out_of_range: stoi: out of range

which I identified as being caused by the line long ascii = std::stoi(temp_string);

what about how i am using stoi

causes this and how to fix it?

std::string encode(std::string message){
std::string num_value;
long cipher;
if(message.length() < 20){
  for(int i = 0; i < message.length(); ++i){
    int temp = (char); 
    num_value += std::to_string(temp); 
  return num_value;
    int count = 0;   
    std::string temp_string;
    for(int i = 0; i < message.length(); ++i){
      int temp = (int);
      temp_string += std::to_string(temp);           
       if(count == 20){
         count = 0;
         //add cipher encrypt
         long ascii = std::stoi(temp_string);
         //cipher = pow(ascii, 10000);
         //add n to cipther encrypt
         //add cipherencrypt + n to num_value
         //reset temp_string
         temp_string += "n";

         temp_string = ""; 

return num_value;

int main(){
  std::string s = "Hello World my t your name aaaaaaaaaaaaa?";
  std::cout<<"encoded value : "<< encode(s)<<std::endl;



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std :: stoi returns an integer; it looks like your number is too big for an integer. Try using std :: stol instead (see here ).

Also, if you intend to use portable code (can be used with different compilers / platforms), keep in mind that integers and longs do not have a standard size. If the minimum size is given by the standard , you might need to use intX_t (where X is the size you want) as stated in the cstdint header.



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