How does Laravel defer multiple bindings listed in the same service provider?

I want all my repos to be listed in one service provider, but I don't want all of them downloaded at once ...

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class RepositoryServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider {

    protected $defer = true;

    public function register()


        // and more to be added later...

    public function provides()

        // Will it defer and load all these at once? Or only the one(s) needed?
        return ['App\Repositories\Contracts\FooRepository',



According to the Laravel docs , I can defer registering bindings until needed. But does this work when I have added multiple bindings to one service provider? Specifically, I mean, will it defer and then download everything, or only download the one you want ?


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Laravel will register all bindings, even if only one is required. The deferred function actually works quite simply. First, a map of records in provides()

and the actual provider is created:


if ($instance->isDeferred())
    foreach ($instance->provides() as $service)
        $manifest['deferred'][$service] = $provider;
    $manifest['when'][$provider] = $instance->when();


Then when make()

called in Illuminate\Foundation\Application


if (isset($this->deferredServices[$abstract]))


... and the binding matches one of the deferred providers, it will be here:


$this->register($instance = new $provider($this));

if ( ! $this->booted)
    $this->booting(function() use ($instance)


As you might say, the provider is now registered as usual, which means register()

and boot()

. If you think about it, it is not even possible to download one binding from a service provider and not enable others, because it is all done in one way.



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