Is there a way to ignore language statistics calculations for a directory on Github?

I am currently creating many small experimental game projects in Lua that include a framework written in C that dominates percentages of the code and declares my project to be in C when it is not.

However, I want to keep this structure as it allows me to add to the playable version of the game.

I am partially familiar with the concept of removing language statistics in a file, but is there a way to omit the directory?

I also saw most of the answers link to this answer, but since I'm new to github I am not quite clear on how to decode it.


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To ignore all files from a specific directory when calculating statistics, you can use the following .gitattributes


your/framework/directory/* linguist-vendored


If you think your structure is common enough via, you can make a Linguist pull request to add it to the list of ignored directories . This way you don't have to ignore it on a per-repository basis.



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