External images not showing in Android app - Meteor - Cordova

I am developing an Android app using Meteor and I am having problems displaying images from external sources.

The following tag <img>

should display an image from google maps api based on latitude and longitude:

<img src="http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/staticmap?center={{loc.lat}},{{loc.lng}}&zoom=15&size=600x300&maptype=roadmap&markers=color:blue%7C{{loc.lat}},{{loc.lng}}" />


While this works in a browser, I am getting the following error on the server when I try to run it on an android device.

XMLHttpRequest cannot load . Origin http: //meteor.local is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

Do I need to add the google maps api domain to some kind of "white list", for example, when working with Phonegap.

If so, how to do it in Meteor?


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Yes, starting with 1.0.4, "Meteor Cordova apps no longer allow access to all domains by default."

So now, in your file mobile-config.js

, you will need to call the App.accessRule for each external domain that you can load content from.

So, in your case add:



at the end of your file mobile-config.js

should do the trick.



Adding access rules to mobile-config.js eliminates the loading of external images in Cordova applications.

  • Create a mobile-config.js file in your project root
  • Add to App.accessRule('https://www.mycdn.com/*');

  • Build and run the app meteor run ios

This is an alternate option, I guess there might be some difference in how this is built:

  • Create a cord-build-override folder in your project root
  • Copy config.xml from .meteor / local / cordova-build to your newly created cordona correction folder
  • Add external origin servers as needed <access origin="https://www.mycdn.com/*"/>

  • Build and run the app meteor run ios

Initially I tried with browser-policy and installed BrowserPolicy.content.allowImageOrigin("https://www.mycdn.com/*");

, but apparently this is a different story?



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