Audio recording capabilities on Apple watches

We are working on the details of porting our iOS app to the Apple Watch. One of the features of the Mobile version is the ability to record a voice and save it on the device and then upload it to the server. Can I record my voice on Apple Watch? I looked at the Apple Watch SDK but couldn't find anything related to audio. Is the iOS SDK Audio API compatible with Apple Watch?


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Watch OS Update 2:

There is a new API method that exposes a standard interface for recording audio from Apple Watch users.


Apple has posted a sample showing how to use the WKInterfaceController to perform audio recording. Refer to this sample if you would like to know how to present an AudioRecordingViewController for recording and saving audio. This project also demonstrates how to play an audio file that has been created.



There is no API for recording audio directly in WatchKit. The best thing you can do now is respond to your iPhone app with openParentApplication:reply:

and record audio from there. For example, how the Shazam app works.



The current api version is limited to using the watch as a remote control for iOS apps.



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