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Working in an existing MVC application I am creating various charts to display customer data. I am completely new to charts in ASP.NET. I mainly use as a resource for making charts.

I am currently creating charts in order and usually my x values ​​are fixed (like Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, etc.) and my y values ​​are found by querying a list that is sent to the view.

The chart objects I create however create an image which is the only thing displayed on the page and my layout is lost as a result, obviously.

The article mentions embedding in a web page by calling the chart from a separate view, for example:

    <p><img src="ChartArrayBasic.cshtml" /> </p>


Since I am creating my charts by asking for a list in the view for variable values, to make them more general chart views that can be used by all clients for their own data, I need a .cshtml file that I call to get the list.

Is it possible to: 1. Call the view from the action method. 2. The view displays a regular page with another view embedded in it. 3. the inline view must receive a List object from the original view.

Thanks, JK


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@JonnyKnottsvill. You basically do what was > here , except as above to create the PartialView so you can reuse this later as you want.


in the General folder inside Views :

@model IEnumerable<string>

    var myChart = new Chart(width: 600, height: 400)
        .AddTitle("Chart Title")
            name: "Employee",
            xValue: new[] { "Peter", "Andrew", "Julie", "Mary", "Dave" },
            yValues: Model)



public class HomeController : Controller
    public ActionResult Index()
        return View();

    public ActionResult DrawChart()
        var model = new[] { "2", "6", "4", "5", "3" };

        return PartialView("_ChartPartialView", model);


The Home (Index) view where you want the graph to be displayed as an image:

    ViewBag.Title = "Chart";


<img src="@Url.Action("DrawChart")" />




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