Puppet staging :: deploy fails on windows and says unzip command not found

I am using staging :: deploy in my puppet script to download and extract the file as shown below. And I am trying to do this on windows.

staging::deploy{ "jdk1.7.0_04.zip":
      source  => 'http://sometlocation/jdk1.7.0_04.zip', 
      target  => 'E:/PuppetTestData',


The file download happens, but when the :: extract runtime is executed, I get below the error.

Error: Could not find command 'unzip'


I have installed unzip.exe on my local windows, but I still get the same error.

Can anyone suggest me a solution for this problem?


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1 answer

Make sure the file is unzip.exe

added to the PATH on your Windows. staging::deploy

uses factual fact path


  path        => $::path,


to set the search path used to execute the command. You will find path in the resource here exec




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