Modify Struts 2, behavior of i18n classes when key is not found

We used i18n getText

in actions, setMessageKey

validators and <s:text>

jsp files for the application.

When Struts 2 cannot find the key in the resource packs, it returns the key itself. For example form.transfer.confirm


How can we change this behavior so that Struts2 returns an empty string instead of the key itself.


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You need to create your own implementation TextProvider

and override the methods getText


1) Create a class (for example EmptyDefaultTextProvider

) extending one of the TextProvider

existing implementations (for example TextProviderSupport


2) Override all methods getText


public String getText(String key, String defaultValue) {
     return super.getText(key, "");


3) Use your own class as the default text provider. Place below in struts.xml.

<constant name="struts.xworkTextProvider" value="emptyDefaultTextProvider" />

<bean type="com.opensymphony.xwork2.TextProvider" name="emptyDefaultTextProvider" 
                              class="packagepath.EmptyDefaultTextProvider" scope="default" />




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