LatinIME dicttool for use with V401 binary dictionary

I'm trying to convert a 401 version of a binary dictionary - a directory named PersonalizationDictionary.en_US.dict - for a human readable .xml.

The dicttool_aosp command line utility in the / inputmethods / LatinIME / tools / dicttool packages can do it like this:

dicttool_aosp makedict -s sourcedict.dict -x output.xml


I was unable to compile the Android Lollipop version of the Android voice recorder as dicttool has native C ++ dependencies that don't play well with my Mac. Notice this line in the directive file:

HACK: Temporarily disable host tool build on Mac until the build system is ready for C++11.


I hope someone with a compatible installation can compile this utility for me using "make dicttool_aosp" from the root of the AOSP source tree. I've spent the last few days looking for compiled versions of this file, and although I've found many makedict.jar files on the net, they are too old to support my new V401 binary dictionary. The main difference between V401 and older versions is that V401 is split into multiple files with extensions such as .bigrams, .freq, .header, while the old dicts are contained in one file.

Thanks, please let me know if I can clarify anything!


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