Skimage version update on raspberry pi

I installed python packages using synaptic package manager on Raspberry Pi-2. However, the skimage 0.6 module is the last available synaptic version. Can anyone advise me on how to update it to 0.11 as some features are missing from the old version.

I tried pip install scikit-image

but it gives the output

Running install for scikit image


and then stuck there.


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I don’t think there’s anything wrong. It's just that there are multiple C extensions to compile into scikit-image

, and it's slow on the Raspberry Pi.

For example, on my laptop with a dual core i7 processor and SSD, scikit-image

it takes about 5 minutes to install from sources. Now, considering that the CPU on RP2 is at least one order of magnitude slower when combined with a slow SD card, it can take several hours to compile on RP2.

You can see if it is possible to compile in parallel to speed things up, although I'm not sure if this is possible with pip

C extensions to the python module either.



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