Use hashtable as parameter when splatting?

I am trying to use Start-Job to start a new Powershell script. The new script has several parameters (some are optional, some are not), so I want to create a hash table and split them. However, one of these parameters is itself a hash table. I am trying to get started like this:

$MyStringParam = "string1"
$MyHashParam = @{}
$MyHashParam.Add("Key1", "hashvalue1")

$arguments = @{MyStringParam=$MyStringParam;MyHashParam=$MyHashParam}

Start-Job -Name "MyJob" -ScriptBlock ([scriptblock]::create("C:\myscript.ps1 $(&{$args} @arguments)"))


After which I get this error in a new job:

Cannot process argument transformation on parameter 'arguments'. 
Cannot convert the "System.Collections.Hashtable" value of 
type "System.String" to type "System.Collections.Hashtable".


It looks like it is handling the value I want to pass as a hash table as a string. For life, I can't figure out how to get around this. Can anyone please help?


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You will need to pass the variable in the scriptblock as a parameter to scriptblock, and then pass that parameter to the second script. Something like this should work for you:

Start-Job -Name "MyJob" -ScriptBlock {Param($PassedArgs);& "C:\myscript.ps1" @PassedArgs} -ArgumentList $Arguments


I created the following script and saved it to C: \ Temp \ TestScript.ps1

ForEach($Key in $InHash.keys){


Then I did the following:

$MyString = "Hello World"
$MyHash = @{}

$Arguments = @{'InString'=$MyString;'InHash'=$MyHash}

$MyJob = Start-Job -scriptblock {Param($MyArgs);& "C:\Temp\testscript.ps1" @MyArgs} -Name "MyJob" -ArgumentList $Arguments | Wait-Job | Receive-Job
Remove-Job -Name 'MyJob'
$MyJob | Select * -ExcludeProperty RunspaceId | Format-Table


He gave the expected results:

String                               HashKey                              HashValue                          
------                               -------                              ---------                          
Hello World                          Yellow                               Banana                             
Hello World                          Green                                Apple                              
Hello World                          Purple                               Grapes 


The job process will add the RunspaceId property to any returned objects, so I had to exclude that.




[scriptblock]::create("C:\myscript.ps1 $(&{$args} @arguments)")


does it work?

[scriptblock]::create("C:\myscript.ps1 $(&{$args}) @arguments")


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