Viewing localStorage in Internet Explorer - Unable to get name / value pairs


I understand that the question of how to view localStorage in Internet Explorer has been answered multiple times. This is not my question.

View local storage content in IE

How to view Localstorage in IExplorer 10? [Duplicate]

I did:

  • Open IE Developer Tools (F12)
  • Go to Console
  • enter in localStorage

This shows me that there is an object called localStorage that IE is aware of. However, I cannot get the name / value pairs as I can from Chrome.

This gives me a way to traverse the JavaScript object for localStorage, but I tried to expand all nodes and cannot find the name / value pairs (see screen capture).

IE Developer Tools localStorage

I'm trying to see what specific Plunk is putting into localStorage, a demo for ngStorage.

ngStorage Demo Plunk

This is what I see in Chrome:

Chrome Developer Tools localStorage

How can I get to ngStorage-x

and ngStorage-y

from Internet Explorer?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Using localStorage

to view data in the console at IE


What happens in the example you posted is that the code runs on a different domain.


isolated in a specific domain, including subdomains.

Demo code works in

, and the page being

Therefore ngStorage-x

, ngStorage-y

it is not in the dataset inside IE because you are browsing for


Chrome offers a tab resources

, like what you are viewing, for checking other pages, but the Chrome console itself won't have access to those pages localStorage


You can manually go to

IE and type localStorage

in the console and you will see the values ngStorage-x

and ngStorage-y

. (After you have executed the code in the demo).



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