PhalconPHP vs Slim

I am currently planning to develop a REST API for my applications and I have searched a lot in existing PHP frameworks, but also existing solutions to speed up PHP execution.

My goal here is to get the best performance possible, but also without sacrificing development speed.

I hesitated between two:

  • PhalconPHP (using Micro app only)
  • Slim + Doctrine2 ORM

I have read several articles about PhalconPHP and it seems very fast as it is written in C as a PHP extension. But I prefer Doctrine2 ORM.

Plus Slim itself is very fast and I also took a look at HHVM on Facebook to speed up PHP execution.

What I'm interested in:

  • If I use ORC Doctrine2 instead of Phalcon native ORM, will Doctrine2 slow down the application as it is not written in C like Phalcon one?

  • Is it its own Phalcon based ORM?

  • If I am using Slim, am I missing some important features that could slow down my development process? I understand that this is a micro framework and what I want: use a few small components to create an application stack, but am I missing some great features available in PhalconPHP?

  • PhalconPHP versus fine personal opinion? In order of development speed as well as scalability / performance

Also, I saw this issue: Phalcon ORM is slow . Not sure what you think about this?


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1. Of course, anything outside of the native phalcon will be treated as php code, so you won't be able to use it.

2.- For most cases, yes. Not because of database transactions, but because everything is around the application. Most needs can be done using phalcon ORM or a simple query language.

3.- You bet. What's the best of phalcon, you have a complete environment like any other infrastructure, but with less needs than the simplest framework. Only you know if you miss something, because it depends on your needs.

4.- Once you use it, it's really worth it :)



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