What is the grid behind the map in an Android application developed with the ArcGIS SDK for Android?

I am building a simple mapping application using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android. I created MapView

and added a tile (.tpk) package to it as a basemap. The figure below shows how it appears on the screen. Can anyone tell me why there is a grid above and below my map and how to remove it? I thought it was a grid MapView

, so I tried calling mapView.getGrid().setVisible(false)

, but the grid still appears.

out put of my app on android device


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Use MapView.setMapBackground (int, int, float, float) :

mapView.setMapBackground(Color.GRAY, Color.GRAY, 0, 0);



it does not matter. If you invoke mapView.getGrid().setType(GridType.MGRS)

and leave the default grid visibility true

, you will see the Grid Help System (MGRS) grid over the map.



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