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I am using a jQuery plugin called SMINT to create a sticky navigation that attaches to the top of the viewport when scrolling. I'm trying to leave a space before and after navigation at the top of the page and multiple full height divisions below.


* {margin: 0; padding: 0; outline: 0;


makes the divs full height (minus the sticky nav) but breaks the initial navigation. (after scrolling navigation is ok). Removing the frame gives the height the height.

My attempt:

Live example:


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You don't need a plugin for this - here's a quick and easy to understand / configure Approach:

JSnippet demo - using HTML without Smint

var barSelector = ".subMenu",
  offSetToTriggerFixed = 1,
  offsettofix = $(barSelector).offset().top + offSetToTriggerFixed,
  $fixedBar = $(barSelector).eq(0).clone();

//Set cloned style and append to body:
$fixedBar.css({ display:'none', position: 'fixed', top:0, 'z-index':1100});

//Set heights:
var viewPortHeight = $('body').height(),
    navHeight      = $(barSelector).outerHeight(),
    $anyOtherSec    = $('.section').not('.sTop');
    $anyOtherSec.css({ height: viewPortHeight - navHeight + 5});

//Trigger when needed:
    var fromTop = $(this).scrollTop();
    if (fromTop <= offsettofix) $($fixedBar).hide();
    else $($fixedBar).show();




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