RefTeX with biblatex field names

I am using RefTeX in EMACS. I have a bibliography file that uses biblatex field names for example. I have "Journaltitle" instead of bibtex "Journal". Here's a sample entry:

    Author = {Berwick, Robert C. and Pietroski, Paul M. and Yankama, Beracah and Chomsky, Noam},
    Doi = {10.1111/j.1551-6709.2011.01189.x},
    Journaltitle = {Cognitive Science},
    Pages = {1207--1242},
    Title = {Poverty of the Stimulus Revisited},
    Volume = {35},
    Year = {2011}}


When I use C-c [

, everything works, but I can't see the "Journaltitle" field displayed, that is, I don't see "Cognitive Science". This is because RefTeX is looking for "Journal"; by adding the "Log" field to the results of the entries in it.

Two questions:

  • Is this what's going on?
  • Can RefTeX be instructed to search for bible fields? (The guide didn't work for me.)

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