Using .load to fetch specific lists

/ What I'm trying to do is load certain lists in a file (template) across multiple pages. I want to have a template file with all the lists that I can edit and affect all the lists on all pages. What I think I need to do is use .load to fetch the lists. I tried the code provided on this page titled "Loading other page list items into an ordered list". But I cannot understand what I need. I cannot use php as my host does not support it (github)

   $( "#new-projects" ).load( "/ #Colors li" );
   $( "#new-projects" ).load( "/ #Numbers li" );
   $( "#new-projects" ).load( "/ #Misc li" );

<ol id="new-projects">List:</ol>
<ol id="new-projects">List:</ol>
<ol id="new-projects">List:</ol>

My Template List file (listtemplate.html)

<div id="Colors">
      <div id="Numbers">

      <div id="Misc">

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The code used on the .load info site that I want to use to highlight a specific list.

   $( "#new-projects" ).load( "/resources/load.html #projects li" );



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