Ruby Gems can download source IPs

I was trying to help a developer at my company who was having trouble installing gems using a command gem install

like gem install cucumber

. The problem appears to be related to the proxy, as the ruby ​​program / command line (I don't pretend to know it) can't get out through the proxy. We are setting variables for the proxy proxy we have, but it just doesn't work.

We have a direct internet connection available for testing, and when the computer was connected to that, the installation of the gem completed just fine, confirming our suspicions of a firewall.

Our security team doesn't just allow a program or PC to access what it wants on the Internet, but for other programs an exception for the IP address that the program wants to connect to. I understand that ruby ​​stones can connect to several different IP addresses to download and install gems.

Does anyone know, or is it possible for me to find out all the possible IP addresses that might be required to install the stones?

If this sounds like a bad request, it's just my lack of understanding around ruby ​​gemstones, gem setting, etc. Hope you get this idea.



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